Extinguishers STIXX PRO

STIXX PRO 1 – 5 – 10

MAUSS STIXX PRO fire extinguishers are self-contained because they are automatically triggered.
IF 180-degree heat reaches the extinguisher, it automatically releases its extinguishing gas within 10 seconds.

80% OF FIRES COME FROM THE ENGINES of ships, motor homes and other vehicles.
The rest comes from the electrical panel, and increasingly from batteries due to lithium.
MAUSS STIXX PRO IS THE fire sentry you need!

The unique features of the MAUS STIXX Pro family make it the smarter solution for switchboards, electrical boxes and motor compartments.
This is due to the MAUS STIXX Pro’s activation temperature – as low as 180° – being lower than the competition, and its 100% flooding of the extinguishing agent once activated.
This happens when the internal or external heat-sensing cable is activated by exposure to a flame, or when the device reaches 180°C.
The extinguishing agent will rapidly flood the protected area to extinguish the fire. The extinguishing agent consists of a patented, non-toxic, environmentally friendly potassium blend
environmentally-friendly potassium mixture that interrupts combustion and stops it instantly.
Unlike conventional extinguishers, it leaves NO residue, making it easy to restore.
MAUS STIXX Pro extinguishers are maintenance-free and come with a 5-year warranty.
Installation is simple, taking just 5 seconds, which can potentially save lives and millions of euros in damage.

Non-pressurized product.
100% flooding when iL is activated.
Low-temperature activation.
Installs in 5 seconds.
Extremely small.
Leaves no extinguishing residue (damages nothing) and is easy to reactivate.

MAUSS STIXX PRO products require 5 to 10 cm clearance around the product
to facilitate the release of extinguishing gas.

MAUSS STIXX PRO are designed for closed compartments, such as outboard engine compartments, engine compartments or battery compartments, not for open spaces where the extinguishing agent would be diluted. Ventilated enclosures are not ideal for this technology.
Applications : Boats – jet skis – houseboats – outboard motors – camping cars Mobil homes
Where to place them?

  • electrical boxes and panels – glued to the top of the cover.
  • Closed engine compartments of boats and vehicles – glued in the fuse box ready for fuel supply.
  • Outboard engines – fix MAUSS STIXX PRO under cover.
  • Battery compartment glued to compartment cover as close as possible to short-circuit risk area.
  • Hazardous areas as close as possible to the risk of fire.