Purify, making drinkable water from tanks

Purify, making drinkable water from tanks .
No more plastic bottles!

End the chores of buying and loading water bottles of poor quality .

We have chosen the Cintroclear AC 110 purifier because it is able to treat the water of the tanks of pleasure ships, sailing or motor, marine or river, but also professional ships.
Delivering ultra filtered water (0.15µ), Cintroclear AC 110 guarantees high-quality drinking and cooking water without pesticides or bacteria.
With a capacity of 110 l/ day; It simply plugs under the sink without electrical connection.
This proven filtration classic, distributed in 70 countries around the world, will be suitable for frequent travellers as well as yachting boaters, boat rental companies, house boats, camping cars, etc.

Small footprint, it will fit in many configurations. Supplied with the sink faucet, the cartridge AD S 150 +UF

On request we have more consistent models like the UF 400 CINTROCLEAR