End of the chore for filling water tanks

« Clic & Fill© » Quick connector fresh water deck filler ;

Perfect for yachting, marine or river Vessel.

Fill up the water tanks; Cleanly, without waste and waste of time
. Preserve the potability of the water in your tanks
• Remove the purchase of drinking water packs
. Save your precious time

download the user manual

How to used it!

Large advantage for :

Harbour masters who have an environmental protection approach (reduction of water consumption) The crew who need to save time to fill the boats and improve the quality of the water on board, and will stop loading water packs for customers. The yachting crews benefit from a simplified, antigaspi and comfortable filling

  • Your Clic & Fill is customizable: instead of the name «Navy clic» enter your own brand:
  • Example: Port of….: or Name of Company Lease or Name of Shipyard
  • Minimum 50 units, contact us. serviceclient@navyclic.com

Charge presentations documents and User manual

  • User manual
  • CLIC & FILL Presentation
  • Presentation for display