Ideal for  luxury yachts ; catamarans, trawlers, single hulls up to 42 feet. houseboats, professional boats. rever boat

The box contain : Filter holder + hose and connector + 4 container with four specifies cartridges
Ultra Filtration cartridges of 0.03µ which guarantees the elimination of bacteria
Cartridges changes once a year, or 5,000 L
The trick! Connect it to a three-way tap: two conventional channels mixed hot and cold water, and one, ultra filtered water.

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Put an end to the hassle of buying and loading bottles of mediocre quality water.

We have CONFECTIONED and MARINATED the SAFE WATER FILTER 4.1 water purifier to treat the water in the tanks
Safeguarding your health and food safety, drink and cook water,  without BAD Taste , pollutants and bacterias and virus

Ideal for Luxury-Yachts ; Catamaran ; maritime travellers ; rever boat  house boat . sail or motor ,
sea or river and for vessel who received more than 8 people a day

Delivering ultra-filtered water, SAFE WATER FILTER 4.1 guarantees high quality drinking and cooking water free from pesticides and bacteria.
AND NO BAD TASTE . even for ice maker
With a capacity of 110 l / day, or 2 l/mn .  it simply plugs in under the sink without any electrical connection.
tip:s and tricks : connect it to a three-way tap: two classics mixed hot and cold water taps, and one ultra-filtered tap.

For ships of more than 42 feet or 8 people in board, rever boat ; houseboats and mobile homes

Additional information

Weight 5000 g
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 20 cm

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