Navy Clic is the brand that carries the creation and distribution of products imagine by its inventor and related products, in connection with inventions.

Why Clic?
Because, for us, it is important that actions on board are done “in one Click!”
The simple and well-designed tools must allow implementation with few actions, ideally «in one Click!» all our research is guided so that things are done on board “in one click!”

Clic & Fill

Inventor : Eric DAUVIN Boater in habitable as in windsurfing or dinghies, I am a self-taught designer, I have always designed and adapted my achievements to the needs so that it is simple practical and robust. I seek the best balance technology ecology possible.

  • Partners:
  • AZ Méchatronics : CAO – design and technology support
  • BVI 72 : Plastic injection
  • Cristalpack – Packaging